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The family is heading to Gatlinburg, TN and Ashville, NC for extended weekend. Ashville holds Biltmore Estate which is having Michaelmas: An English Harvest Fair which should be intresting.

Update: Biltmore is one of those places the family has visited a pretty goodly amount, the parents have a year pass. We are probably taking the "behind the scenes" tour than mithrandir mentions. Did one about 15 years ago, think they were working on the pool then. Will have to dig up the old Biltmore photos and upload them with any new ones taken on this trip.

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Biltmore is ladyjane's most favorit-est vacation spot on the planet. If you get a chance, fork over the extra dough for one of the specialty tours. Last time we went, we took the "behind the scenes" tour, which takes you back into areas which are otherwise off-limits. VERY cool stuff.

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