Longhorn, the next Windows, Screenshots

Finally had the patience to wait for the New Longhorn Screenshots that have been getting lots of mentioning on the web. In general the theme looks better than what XP has to offer, like the rounding of windows kinda like the default for RedHat 8.0. The new bar, other than the task bar, looks like a nice version of what unix desktops have been doing for years. I still don't like the way they are using the Start Button and all the ectra crap in file windows seems a waste. Actually if the extra crap in file windows was moved into some fixed point in say the new bar the usability might improve. Ironicly it looks like a cleaned up version of a unix desktop, and not all that OS X influenced like some are saying. All in all the screenshots give some of the less creative theme designers something to copy for the time being.

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