iChatting to Jabber

Just a little rumor iChat to support Jabber which would be cool and given the rumor that iChat is really just a Jabber server and client in one probably very easy to do.


The Apple Design Strategy:

Step 1) Create the most incredible, brilliant, fantastic product that will surely tip the balance from Windows to Mac

Step 2) Give all of the usual rumor-mongerers a taste of this new technology

Step 3) Realize that there is some reason why this new technology should not be released (MS wouldn't like it, the RIAA wouldn't like it, AOL wouldn't like it, Congress wouldn't like it, etc. etc.)

Step 4) Kill the project

Step 5) Piss on the people that had the nerve to think that Apple could actually release cool shit and not have a strategy tax attached to it.

That siad, I've been playing around with Fink on MacOSX and it is everything that debian SHOULD be and isn't. God, MacOSX rocks. I do hope Apple opens up the jabber API to Cocoa, etc. so developers could make some cool stuff with it. I also hope they stop fscking around with hiding APIs that allow people to extend the UI. Yeah, I in general beleive that UI hacks suck... but some people like them. It is one thing to want a standardized GUI, it is another to absolutely force people to work in one single way, etc.

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