Homeless Guy and his Blog

A homeless guy finds a refuge on the Internet
He sits in a secluded corner at the Nashville Public Library, next to a window that overlooks glass-and-steel buildings and a small park. In front of him is a computer screen, which is a different kind of window � a window into the world where he sends his words, his thoughts, his ideas.
His is over at http://thehomelessguy.blogspot.com/. Kudos to Blogger for providing a service and hosting and to the Nashville Public Library for providing access.


Wow. Iteresting stuff, and right here in the 'ville. The library this guy blogs from is just about a half mile from where I work. I'd actually like to meet him sometime.

I think it is just amazing that some one could quit jobs, quit school, and leave kids to become homeless (more http://www.thestate.com/mld/thestate/news/local/5412959.htm ). I could not just do this by choice myself (times I was homeless, was not by choice), it must take tonnes of courage to do this.

I have read many of his blogs, real sad stories they are and can give any one a sence what it is really like being homeless.

If you are facing homelessness, this blog won't help too much unless you want to read about "how it feels to be homeless". Find useful info on the http://www.sparesomechange.com homeless search engine

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