CDE Glory

A little dity for engel, chicks dig unix or CDE for your blog.


What?? engel hasn't made his feelings known yet? Well... maybe after he stops twitching. ;)

What can I say? The last time I saw something so hideous, it was entitled, "Fozbaca's Realm" before Foz got rid of those shitty colours. :-)

Hideous yes, but I have to admit it's kinda cool, and well done. Whether it should have been done is another story however :)

I thought it was pretty nifty... it could have been a lot worse. Ie, Windows window dressings. :-!

Ughh! He's even got most of the mouseovers and drop down menus going...

Thanks for the coverage.
I like the design, it looks exaclty as I had planned; That is to say, almost exactly like Solaris CDE. So I'm pleased with what I did.

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