Wiki .EXE

WikiServer is a simple webserver Wiki as an .exe, source code provided. Probably the easiese Wiki for Windows users, from the getting something useful up and running prespective.


So why would some one use this rather than Apache on Windows?

Steps to install/run/use

  1. Download from, 85 KB in size

  2. Uncompress the previously downloaded file

  3. Double click the WikiServer.exe

  4. Visit http://localhost/ in your browser of choice

Steps to install/run/use a random Wiki cgi on Apache on Windows

  1. Goto and find a download link.

  2. Decide to download from a mirror or from here.

  3. Find and click the binaries link.

  4. Find and click the win32 link.

  5. Awh, crap now I have to choose which of like a dozen links to download? Fsck this I'll go back to the other one.

Now that is why 99.99999% of the Windows users would want WikiServer over Apache with some random Wiki cgi. Also, if down the road they want to move to a more "beafy" Apache ran Wiki all the pages are stored as simple WikiText, though there is no revisioning.

It might not be so bad under a Debian box. Goto a shell as root, and type the following:

apt-get install apache twiki

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