Merging Swing and JSP the answer?

Another Take on Swing and Java's Success. Reminds me of something engel was playing around with that took swing apps and ran them as JSP. The problem was that it looked like someone was soing a poor port of a desktop app to the web, but the idea is still sound and hughly benefical.


I still like the idea of using XML to define a Swing interface... so that a very thin web client can build an interface on the fly. Check out WABClient

This is exactly how Stormix did their administrative interface. However, they used the QT widgetset to render the forms on the fly. This is also how we used to render stuff in the Excalibur BBS days. Amazing what a few bytes could represent when converted to Borland OWL components to draw dialogs on the fly on old 14.4 modems.

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