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Had we been forced to release the source, I don't think we could have sold our investors on taking a chance on us, ...
One problem with the sellingthe invesotrs, you are probably correct given they way copyright/pattent/IP law was understood and implemented at that time. But what if the different interpetation that some like Lessig and others are suggesting was what EVERYONE had to follow?

There is a great story to illustrate the point, don't have a link. Back in the day before there were motorized hospital beds, everything hand cranked by nurses, orderlies and patients and inventor figured out the "perfect" design. He thought that it would so benefit humanity that he put the plans in the public domain. Others looked at the plans and agreeded that wasthe bestdesign and could be made for the same price as contemporary hospital beds. Now the irony is that no one ever got to use one of these beds, no manufacturer would make one because they didn't want any competition. See if they would have one unique part that was patented no one could compete on price.

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