Military doesn't want to invade Iraq

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Help from the Hill, Military insiders want some to derail Bush's plans for Iraq.
As a rule, both the joint Chiefs of Staff and the Central Intelligence Agency's leadership prefer that Congress stay out of their affairs. Indeed, an ideal Congress for many denizens of this realm would be one that simply holds open the cash spigots while Langley and the Pentagon set their own agendas. That makes it particularly alarming to see that as the Bush administration lays its plans for Iraq, career military and intelligence officers are increasingly -- and desperately -- looking to Congress to help stave off what they fear will be a disaster.
Can anyone remember the last time, maybe Lincoln, that the military didn't like the Republican president?

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I have heard (i.e. this is total rumour) that the military took "the bomb" out of Nixon's hands because he was potentially crazy. Other than that, I haven't heard of any. But then again, who knows what the military thought of the presidents in the 1920s, etc.

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