From the Realm of the Unexpected

Vin Diesel is into D&D, now who would have thunk. If you don't know, Diesel has a new flick out XXX. Oh and get this he was the voice of The Iron Giant.


weird. I have also heard that Kevin Sorbo (Hercules.... I may have spelled the name incorrectly) was also into D&D. Cool stuff. Maybe I will go see xXx...

Now what would be REALLY cool is if Vin Diesel started doing fantasy movies. Cool stuff.

well the interview alludes to unnamed vim diesel project bing a fantasy.

and Herc was also a d&d geek.

ILove vin diesel to he really is a rising star my kids love him my mom also he is a very down to earth person (the interviews i've seen )i love his movies he is a wonderful actor D

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