Well on Saturday canoed the Little Miami with the twentysomething group from my sister's church. We were soposed to do the 8 mile streach but missed the landing and ended up doing 13 miles. All in all it was fun, mostly paddling and hardly any rappids.

Have been kinda working for a friend's carpentry company. Spent part of a week painting, got a nice farmer's tan and sunburned neck. Then did some tile for a church last week.

Have a maybe pretty good lead on a mod_perl job in Cincinnati. Will have to wait and see if the engineers like the resume.

Oh, and been trying to watch the 2nd season of Buffy on DVD :)


How is second season? Does it have cool extras and directors commentary like the first season (hopefully on more than just 2 or 3 episodes)?

The second season of Buffy is absolutely amazing. Yes there are several episodes with audio commentaries, and more than a few interfiews with Joss Whedon. But the episodes in this season, particluarly as it draws to a close are the best television I've seen since Babylon 5.

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