TiBook, Cinema Diaplay & Apple Store

Just a quick post from the Apple Store in Cincinnati. Doing this on a TiBook hooked to a Cinema Display. Hope you are gelous :) Next time I'll try to remember to bring my camera for some pics. Damm this is the way to compute.


You know it, brother. I am currently on a laptop, and just using an LCD screen is doing wonders for my oh-so-battered eyes. I don't get eye strain this way. Nice.

Dude... when'd you get a laptop? :)

Hey, you guys obviously saw the 17" imac, and the whole os 10.2 (x.ii?) thing huh? Sexy eh?

got a laptop for work. Toshiba with a 1.2 gig celeron, 240 megs of RAM, and a DVD/CD-RW. Pretty nice, but I need a decent carry case for it.

Saw the new announcements at MacWorld. 17" iMacs. Yum. Can't wait until I have the money to get a new Mac (it will probably have to wait a couple of years).

Still, until then, I am almost definitely going to get Jaguar.

So who all's going to the Apple drool fest on Monday night?

I've got a very similiar laptop to Del's (also for work). I'm liking the screen as well, although going from 1600x1200 on my home monitor to 1024x768 on the laptop required some serious getting used to...

All's I'm sayin is that I like working with LCD screens. THey are kinda disappointing for resolution, but then again I find i don't need the same resolution on an LCD to get the same sharpness as a CRT.

Dunno. I'm thinking that my next monitor is definitely going to be LCD (or some newer technology... by the time I get another monitor, who know what will be out :-)

I find that even though the viewable size of my laptop is less then my CRT monitor, I'm typically up closer to the screen. Really my only gripe about LCD screen resolution is about real estate. Certain applications waste so much space when you're at 1024x768. Being able to view more then one code window (without having to resize them to 60 cols x 10 rows) would be nice.

That's why you have a multihead flat panel setup, silly. ;p

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