I'm Back To Where I Started From

Well howdy ya'll! I'm back in Kentucky. Arrived around 8pm EST last night. All is well. Will try to post more after I get caught up on email. BTW, using the library's computer lab, no net connection at home for the time being.


Welcome .... erhm.... back? away? home? Anyway, glad to hear you made it back ok! Any tribbles at the border?

Glad you are home safe, miss ya like stink!
Packet has been wandering around lamenting your absence and refusing to let anyone sit in your black chair (I guess it smells tres brian).

Good to hear you got home safe & sound... ;)

Glad to hear that you made it back safely!

You mean they actually LET you back ??? I thot a guy like you turned cheesehead would wind up stuck here in the Great White North !! Glad ya had a safe trip Brian ! Stay in touch !!

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