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Doc blogged Jeremie's talk at JabberConf. The big highlights:
Apache 2.0 mod_jabber - you can run a jabber server inside an apache server, and administer it through Apache functions, logins, extensions, etc. It integrates jabber funct into the apache world
Apple's new iChat... In Jaguar release of OS X iChat will integrate AIM funcitonality, and will contain jabber funcitonality, not yet exposed to users. It will use the Jabber protocol when iChat is communicating with ohters in the local system. (The global server is AOLs, he told me last night.) iChat has Jabber protocol elements implemented inside of it as well, so perhaps they can turn on iChat as a Jabber client at some point. Jeremie is appealing to people who know people at Apple to open communications with Jabber.org folks. (Last night we talked about how this should be happening in much the same way as Apple is working with the Darwin/BSD community and other outside open source efforts (e.g. the gcc) � in a geek2geek way. Organic, among peers interested in seeing the common infrastructure developed and carried forward as better foundational stuff.

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