I'm outa here


Well since things came to an end with Merilus, back twords the end of March, I have been trying to decide what to do next. So far it has been a very frustrating job search. And the situation is a bit more frustrating because I don't have work authorization, and it is hard to get it given the current climate. Oh, and to make matters a bit worse I don't qualify for Unemployment, or Employment Insurance as they call it up here in Canada.

I have been going round and round about the situation. First there was deciding that I did not want to stay in Canada permenately. Next I thought about going back to school. There was some appeal to the idea but only doing school just doesn't feel right, maybe my mind will change later.

So that leaves the job search, which I have been doing from here but it is getting expensive, not being allowed to work and having to pay rent and such. Which kinda leads me to my decision.

I'm going to head back to Kentucky, gave notice to be out of the apartment by the end of the month. I will continue the job search from there, have cheap/free rent and be able to catch up with family and friends.

To all the Canadians I have worked with, made friends with or just meet, I'll miss ya'll Aah :)


As one of those Canadians you've worked with, let me say that you will be sorely missed. Hm... Maybe we can do one last "sushi Monday" before you go?
Or as Arcterex would say: "SUUUSH!!!"

Aye, it sucks to see ya go, but we understand where you're at.

I could be persuaded to suuuuusshh... monday evening 'praps?

Sorry to see you goin' dude... If you can somehow figure out how to get to Kentucky through Edmonton, we've got a bed for you... ;)

Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuussh!!!!!!!!!!!!! eh?

Man, I'm really sorry that you have to leave Canada. I know how much you dig it up there. But on a selfish note, it'll be nice to have you closer to us. Ever consider checking the job market in the Nashville area? Got a spare room you could use if you need it.

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