Fsck'n Texas Republicans

Republicans debate state party's makeup
The Republican platform also reaffirmed the state party's belief that the nation needs to "dispel the myth of the separation of church and state."
Yep that was the quote.

Now the following seems to really hit the problem with the Republican party nationally as well as in Texas.
"You're lucky to have six people of the 100 come back, and those six are typically the Jerry Falwell, Pat Robertson, Christian Coalition religious zealots and they elect themselves delegates and then pass these resolutions of the most extreme type," Wentworth said.
So openly commenting on how the "Moral Majority" is holding the Republican party, and the country hostage.

All this crap is one of the reasons I do want to head back to the states. Hopefully to add one slightly more reasonable vote to the mix. But on the down side to have to put up with the crap will suxor.

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