Disturbing Lynching Images

Photographs and Postcards of Lynching in America, warning images were intesely disturbing. I was not able ot go through them all, it was just so disturbing. As far as i got the majority were black males and all were in the south. The thing is I have heard stories and knew that lynching was a part of the South's history but to see postcard pictures of the event just begins to illustrate how bad the situation was then.


I've visited a site very much like this in the past. The images are indeed disturbing, but not because it's an image of a man hanging -- because it's an image of white men celebrating the hanging, desecrating the corpse, and basically whooping it up over the death of a (usually innocent) black man. Images I've seen have ranged from a simple hanging to a 'safari-like' setup - the lynched man as a trophy.

I agree with both of you, and have to add that another disturbing thing about them was that they were postcards, and one had a "hey dude, write me soon eh?" type message on it. Sad how such a tragic event could be considered "normal" to people.

Of course, in a hundred years the things we do today will be looked upon with the same discust (see Spears, Brittney as an example :)

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