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AxKit now has a native Wiki. Intrestingly it uses POD (Plain Old Documentation) instead of Structured Text for it's formating language.

Release Announcement:
I've written a very simple Wiki clone using AxKit XSP. There's a live Wiki on that you can play with (and we'll be putting the AxKit docs up on there). The source code is on CPAN (just uploaded this morning, so you may have to wait for it to mirror). I think the code is a pretty nice example of an MVC-like design in XSP, with the XSP as the Controller, the XSLT as the View, and a perl module as the Model.


That is very very cool! It definetly handles all the ideas we talked about in the Links between pages, code citations, etc.

Seems like a nice way of handling docs too... now it's even easier for readers to refactor docs.

POD is pretty simple, the learning curve shouldn't be any steeper then it is for structured text.

Nifty stuff... it'd look better if his "playpen" link wasn't spitting out errors though :)

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