The After Pic at the Salon

Alan n  Brian After the Cut.JPG


Well, I think you both look great with OR without the hair. Of course I'm slightly biased as well, since I consider you two really good friends.

If you're donating your long locks to Locks Of Love, I'm all for it. Wish my hair was as nice as yours though... I can't seem to get it past my shoulders without it getting all spindly and blicky! (see the pictures of me at the url above... sheesh!)

Anyways, good on ya both... a timely descision too, since summer is well under way! You can laugh at me later when I'm dying of heat exhaustion and trying to put my hair up. LOL.

May I say that the short hair looks good on you lads. Bravo! 8)

All I have to say is "Who loves ya baby?"


Oh man !! Guys....that is BAD !! If that's what happens after the job is over....thank GOD I bounced into another immediately !! I still got mine....and it's ATTACHED to my head !!

from yer favorite CHEESEHEAD !! ;-)

Ya, he uses velcro. >;)

Sorry... I couldn't resist.

Heh ! Ya but heya Spuddly...I may be almost 40 and going grey....but I ain't thinning yet ! Methinks we need to have a get-together of us *formers* and toss back a pint-o-Guinness as Alan would say ! If ya'll see Del and Darren....say howdie from me ! -)


Bspudd: LOL! Mike: name a time/place!

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