Should I Shave & Questions to Consider

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Should I or Shouldn't I?, via

... Sometimes, one reaches a point in life where a change is desirable.


One such choice is the almost zen-like state of hairlessness one achieves by shaving one's head.

Small as this type of change may be (in the universal scheme of things), it's still a personal and (for some) involved decision which affects people in a direct way. In order to assist those considering such a choice, this document looks at many questions that you may be asking.

Think it will be this afternoon or sometime this weekend for the haircut. Still not sure if it is to be a shave it all off or not.

Now to get arcterex to join in, at least for the hair cut if not the head shaving. Hell del has already made the plunge.

And since one of arcterex's concerns is will look like more of a dork, well as the link above states...

I've received hundreds of emails from people who have shaved their heads, and virtually all of them have gotten nothing but positive responses about their new bald looks. It's unlikely that they all looked fabulous, but it's understandable that they all got positive comments.

And remember it grows back. I have had long hair 3 times now.

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ach... you're all going to make me the only longhair left of the bunch!

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