Locks of Love

Kudos to darren for finding the group I was wanting to donate hair to.
Locks of Love is a non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children across the U.S. under age 18 suffering from long-term medical hair loss.
Still not sure if or when to get the hair cut. But when I do I know where to send my hair. So anyother takers from the long hair crowd? Could make this an event, Beuler, Beuler :)


Way to go... an easy way to help kids like that happier, without having to fork lots of money out your pocket. You may or may not want to check with the Childrens Hospital as well, they'll probably have some good information as well.

No way dude... longhairs forever!

Once this happens there better be some pics posted - like before & after shots =)

For some before shots, look at the pictures foz posted several days ago... Not sure why Engel is looking so happy happy though :-)

Don't kid yourself, Engel was completely and totally piss drunk, that's why he looked so happy.

I have to admit, I'm almost tempted (almost), just to do something different. The problem is that having long hair since grade 11 (that's 10 years!!!!) makes me kinda attached to it. However, I've been told by a barber once that I had really nice hair, as in I don't put a lot (any) crap in it (other than shampoo that is), and donating to an organization like that would be kinda cool.

Almost temping.

So foz, why exactly are you thinking of doing this again?

Actually my one real issue is seeing what I'd look like ahead of time :) Anyone know of any programs that can take a picture and put hair on them or something? That's my other real objection is I know how I look now, and if I look like a total freak and looser with no hair (or short hair) like I did in high school (no, you can't see the yearbooks!)....

How do i go about donating my own hair???

I am also thinking about getting my hair chopped for LOL. I've had long hair since elementary school, so I know how you feel. I think Virtual Makeover is a good program to check out short hairstyles on yourself. Good luck!

pLEASE inform me as to how I go about donating my hair. It is quite long and I am having it cut this Friday.
It is fairly straight, very thick and I am having about 10" cut off.

Would love to send it to LOL.

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