Happy Birthday to me. 30 years and still kicking.

I'd like to say some thing pithy and retrospective but right now I'm dead tired so this might be a little lame.

When I was young I expected to be married with kids by now, but have neither. Wouldn't have guessed that I would be living on the west coast in Canada and sporting long hair.

Strange how life ends up being unexpected.


Dude, congratulations!

Whilst sitting on your couch earlier, I *was* reminding myself not to forget to say happy b-day later, but then promptly forgot!

Happy birthday dude! You should celebrate by helping me wash my car! :)

Happy Birthday, Foz! Wish I was there to celebrate it with ya.

Happy Birthday Foz!! To bad we're not all around to have some real fun on the big 3-0!

I would like nothing more than to be able to celebrate the big 30 with you in the GWN. Sorry that I didn't get your little b-day page updated for this year in time. Anyway, happy one Foz.

1st time here... nice site and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


23 y/o from italy

Doh! I always seem to be late for birthdays...
Happy birthday anyways! Don't abuse yourself too much and stay up too late coding perl or something. ;)

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