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So all you faithful readers out there have a few questions for a to comment on. First off any suggestions? Secondly, but the real reason for the post, do you like the links on the right? Should they stay on the main page or jsut be on a seperate page? Part of the reson is I'm thinking about a single colum look, partialy inspired by some Links & Lynx browsing kicked off by some questions from engel.


I don't mind them on the right, but it'd be nice to see the column be thinner, one of the links is way too wide.

I say move them to their own page, so as to keep the front page less clusttered.

Also maybe it'll make the page look nicer in other browsers besides mozilla ;-)

Actually, I kinda like the links up front. If I have any comment on the two column approach, it would be to play around with column widths a little more. Viewed from ladyjane's PC at 800x600, your links column gets shifted awkwardly down to the bottom. I had the same problem with MT out of the box, and just had to play with width settings to get it to scale down better.

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