First Major Game to be Mac OS X only

The Omni Group: Game Ports: Giants: Citizen Kabuto

Release Notes
  • This is the only version of Giants that can use multiple processors. We actually added multi-processing support while we were doing the port, as well as doing various optimizations on the graphics routines (and changing the graphics library from Direct3D to OpenGL). The end result is we're getting the same framerates on our Macintosh dual 500 MHz G4s with a GeForce 2 on an AGP 2x bus as we do on a brand-new, top of the line Wintel AMD 1.3 GHz Ahtlon with a GeForce 3 on an AGP 4x bus and DDR RAM.
  • This is the first major game to be Mac OS X only. There are no plans to do a Mac OS 9 version of Giants.

[via engel]

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