My Fellow Students

Outside of the UK not many know that Ashley was a fellow student, and she still shows her school spirite, found over at original location. And for the Canadians readers that is a hockey jersey she is sporting. The pic was a fund raiser for the club team.
Update: because arcterex wasn't clear on this the Ashley mentioned above is Ashley Judd, you can kinda make out her name on the back of the jersey.


Ahhh...UK club hockey. How well I remember those late Friday and Saturday nights at the Ice Center. Shouting obscenities at the opposing team. Ice-clearing fisticuffs. And let's not forget the annual hockey team bear bust (120 kegs during my freshman year!). But in all that, I NEVER saw any Ashley-ness like this. Thanks foz.

Yummy.... why didn't I have girls like that in my school showing off their... erhm.. "spirit"?

Oh yea, cause I was a socially repressed geek who travelled from home to school (2 min walk) and spent my time only around my fellow geeks in the areas of the school that I needed to be, and had no social skills for sweet talking da womens.

Ah, ashley, if only I was in kentucky....

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