Fellowship DVD to include lots of extra footage

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Found this article on IGN with some interesting info regarding the DVD release of the most spectacular motion picture event in living memory. Now if they will only add the Tom Bombadil sequence....

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Oh geez, mith, will ya get off freakin' Tom Bombadil :-)

/me secretly harbours the same feelings.

Seriously, I am gunna snatch this sucker up teh secnd it hits the shelf. 30-40 extra minutes! OH! While I wish it were 30-40 more HOURS of stuff, my appetite for it will have to be sated with a "measly" 30 mites extra.

Also, I hope to god that they allow for an option to play the extra footage along with the movie. It is goign to be a real PITA to watch 30 minutes of stuff that isn't integrated into the main film.... given, because the movie is 3 hours long already, they may not have space to do it this way.

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