X86 on Mac OS X

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OS X Now Able To Run WinTel Software, nothing Virtual PC doens't allow for, except the cost. Much cheaper, like $30 vs $100+ for VirtualPC.

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Actually, I think this is just a repackage of the bochs stuff. It is not the "x86 emulation" you are looking for. move along.

Basically, what i want is the ability to run Windows software "rootless" like I can with UNIX software with X.

Sure, the X stuff doesn't fully integrate with OSX... the interfacelooks and reacts different, even with OroborusX (which tries to clone the L&F of MacOSX in X Windows). However, it would be nice if I could have a Window's window right next to my MacOSX windows... THAT would be the holy grail.

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