Librairans losing their ethics?

Breaking Law or Principles to Give Information to U.S.. A Florida librarian, breaking the law and librarian ethics, disclosed to police that one of the Sept. 11 hijackers used computers in her library.

"I suppose our duty to our fellow humans trumps everything else," Ms. Wegner said.

And she just doesn't get it. Exactly our duty to our fellow human beings trups everything even more now. +5,000 dead is a tragedy, but there are +5 million Americans still here, and +5 billion Earthlings still here. What about us? Remember, First They Came For the Jews? Sure it may seem all innocent at first but there is a reason why we decide how we should act when everything is ok, so we know how to act when things go to pot, likenow.
Feel free to spout off yourself.
note: as with all NY Times userid: cypherpunk password: cypyherpunk

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