Larry Flint to the Rescue

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Pulling this from Flutterby who pulls it from Salon

Salon has an interview with Larry Flynt about his suit against the DOD for reporter access to Afghanistan:
You've filed this suit, but have any other news organizations done likewise?

No, and it's the mainstream media that should be filing this suit, not me. They've got more money than I've got. The only reason why they're not is that they all want to be politically correct. Each of them are concerned about who's going to get the next interview with George and Laura Bush, rather than getting out there and fighting for the First Amendment and preserving it.

We were talking about this on the way home this evening, lack of the US journalistic questioning anything from the executive branch lately.

Oh, and Larry Flint is one of the reasons to be prowd of my Kentucky heritage. Way to go Larry.

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Go Larry!

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