George W. Bush?s appetite for secrecy

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The closed-door presidency

It is in this context that the president?s latest action must be viewed: Executive Order 13233, signed Nov. 1, limits public access to presidential papers ? not only George W. Bush?s, but those of all presidents since 1980.

While there is a colorable ? albeit debatable ? argument for enveloping policy decisions, law enforcement and military tactics in secrecy, there is no justification whatsoever for this latest effort to hide the work of past, present, and future presidents.

Gee now Regan and Bush Senior presidential papers, now who did the Regan administration support against the Soviets? Next thing Bush Jr. will pardon Regan and his dad for anything theymight have done. Oh, and this is all to make things more "secure".

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No pardon will be forthcoming. That would be an admission that they had done something wrong and therefore pardonable. No, Dubbya would much rather hide himself, and his daddy behind the defacto martial law that he's managed to put in place since 9-11. But then, I think that the whole anthrax threat at the Supreme Court recently was done to scare the hell out of the only people who have it in their power to declare his and Ashcroft's reactionary, heavy handed agenda unconstitutional. The sad thing is, it just may work.

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