The Enemy Of My Enemy Is Not My Friend

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We Are All Alone, NYTimes so try "cypherpunks" for the userid/password.

Good read, most definately go check the whole thing out.

The closing ...

My advice: Try not to focus on any of this. Focus instead on the firemen who rushed into the trade center towers without asking, "How much?" Focus on the thousands of U.S. reservists who have left their jobs and families to go fight in Afghanistan without asking, "What's in it for me?" Unlike the free-riders in our coalition, these young Americans know that Sept. 11 is our holy day ? the first day in a just war to preserve our free, multi-religious, democratic society. And I don't really care if that war coincides with Ramadan, Christmas, Hanukkah or the Buddha's birthday ? the most respectful and spiritual thing we can do now is fight it until justice is done.

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I wasn't clear what you liked about this article? I was disturbed by the lameness of the explanation for why predominantly-Muslim countries are giving half-hearted support for our attack on Afghanistan. U.S. unilateralism i buy, but i don't think they're too interested in the Kyoto climate treaty, the biological treaty, or arms control.

These are mostly monarchies and oligarchies whom we've propped up over the years. They're scared (rightfully so) of their own people, who want more say over their lives. And the most powerful social forces in that direction may well be Islam. Look at Iran, arguably more democratic today than it ever was under the Shah.

In the broad perspective, U.S. elites are following up on long-term oil and geo-political interests in the area. I imagine the southern/western Asian governments are not too clear what the benefit is to them of U.S. companies pumping oil from the Caspian through Afghanistan, other than some short-term hush money, and that we won't attack them too.

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