New Look?


Possiable new look for Let me know what y'll think. Oh, pretty much taken from glish's blogger template.


My god... it's full off CSS.

(with apologies to Clarke)

Yep, lots of CSS in there. I like the no CSS display, as well. All that CSS should allow me to try a little experiment...

Kill the lime green. Unless you add Barney purple so it would keep with the Fozbaca's Realm look.

For any of you fozzies out there who didn't have to live through the Fozbaca's Realm days, and therefore didn't understand the horror of my earlier comment, you can see it here.

Well that wasn't just lime green. Bring up the page and wait a couple of minutes. The colors should change.

Also, don't be surprised if you see a return of Fozbaca's Realm at some point in the future :)

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