For Lack Of A ...


I want a new couch.


What's wrong with the old one?

Well when I moved here from Kentucky, whatever fit in the car, all my furniture was a hand me down from friends here in BC. Which was pretty cool, ended up with a love seat, chair, and a futon. The problem is that after a year the futon just doesn't cut it for comfortable lounging around watching movies. Oh, and since I bitch'd about wanting a new couch to engel Sunday and Monday he thought I should share said feelings with someone other than him.

Just go down to the local thrift store, lay down $20 for the ugliest thing you can find. Stop off at the lumber yard for some 1/2" particle board and a few cinder blocks, toss in some creative work with heavy wire cutters and a claw hammer and....
VOILA! Instant couch cave. If you want, I can even send you the last mortal remains of Willaim Russell Baird. I still have them.

Yes, but if you had a new couch you'd be worried about the kitten you have yet to get scratching it. That's why a beat up POS like mine is the best way, comfy, but you don't care what happens to it (or on it). Maybe you don't need a new couch but a different one?

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