"Biggest Mistake We've Ever Made"

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Originally in Wall Street Journal (one of those times I wish for a subscription), but found in Web Techniques: Daily

Jason Calacanis, editor and CEO of recently suspended Silicon Alley Reporter magazine

"The biggest mistake we've ever made, as an industry, is the banner ad. It is ineffective and was created by what is best described as the Wired Magazine hippie crowd. These folks were interested in preserving the user experience, which is, of course, not what advertising is about. Good advertising is first and foremost about breaking the user experience in order to get a sponsor's message across."

Robin Miller, editor in chief of the Open Source Development Network,

"Text, punctuated with a few photos and simple graphics, is likely to be the most efficient method of delivering our style of tech-oriented news and information for the next few decades, at least. Meanwhile, inflicting whirling, blinking, jumping ads on people trying to read static text online is a great way to make them dislike you."

Deep down I really believe the way for everyone to win, consumers, content creators, and advertisers, is for Robin's vision to dominate. Though I'm going to expect Jason's opinions to dominate.

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I was hoping the end of the dotcom bubble might end the silly design stuff, but i guess it's a long-running confusion...

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