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Well I finally made the switch from Blogger to MovableType. In the good short term it means commenting and some other coolnesses provided by MovableType. So I hope ya'll enjoy the changes and hopefully better look, when I get around to it. Any of you who have posted in the past should have something waiting in your Inbox. Anyone else who wants to post let me know.


Looking good Fozzy. You're almost there.

So mithrandir what else are you wanting?

Specifically...forums and/or topic areas. I don't want to see fozbaca.org turn into another lame phpnuke site. BUT, right now I find myself contributing to other online communities more simply because their structure is more amenable to what I want to discuss. I'd like to be able to start and/or take discussions off the front page, or have forums focused on certain common topics (i.e. a place to publish movie reviews, software/game reviews, etc).

Although MT doesn't have forum support, it *does* have categorization..... personally, where I find that to be of the best use is in the archives...

Mithrandir for now just post it, that is why you were given an account. Want catagories then add them just post it. Want a new catagory let me know, added a "reviews" just for you :)

Thanks Foz. I'm not complaining, and you're right, the categories accomplish sort of the same thing. I just don't see where categories actually have any impact. I made a Linux category post, but I can't see any category label on it at all. Trust me, it's no biggie. And you deserve a big pat on the back for getting the posting and comments worked out the way you have them. I'm just the eternal critic...you know.

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