To follow up on my

To follow up on my last post, i just saw a link on pricewatch that has 256 megs of Mac memory for $32. Sorry, considering going from a 500 Mhz chip to a 600 Mhz chip is about $100, but QUADRUPLING by memory to insane levels is about $32..... it is so foolish for Apple to sell anything less than 256 megs of RAM in any of their products.

I know that RAM is supposed to be an upsell, but heck, why not make SURE that everyone has plenty of RAM, and upsell things like digital cameras and other accessories that gasp use memory.

If I didn't already have 160 megs of memory in my iMac (which, if you are not using classic, feels likea decent but not awesome amount) I would buy a big ol' 256 megs stick of RAM and have 384 megs....

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