OK, sports fans. I have

OK, sports fans. I have long been an advocate of thin-client solutions. Furthermore, i think that Apple has a really good opportunity to help themselves out. Think of this: a NIC like thin client, with an LCD and the usual hookups, tied intoa MacOSX server, netbooting, and with NFS mounts over either gigabit ethernet or wireless (all of which Apple has demonstrated). Kinda like the stuff Sun is doing, but with MacOS and Mac::Office. No company wants to switch over completely to Sun, but what about Apple? hmm.....

This could be the era of thin clients. Of NFS and netboot. Low TCO and logging in from anywhere.

I am a big advocate of this technology in the educational market and workplace. Think about it: why does a sales guy or a kindergarterner need their own computer just to do simple stuff? It is time to consolidate our computing power and use it wisely.

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