GPS = Gotta Pay for

GPS = Gotta Pay for Speeding

When Turner signed Acme's rental agreement last October, he didn't notice the warning at the top of the contract that read: "Vehicles in excess of posted speed limit will be charged $150 fee per occurrence. All our vehicles are GPS equipped."

So now we live in a world where a Corporation can impose fines (as defined in the fine print of their User Agreement) if a user breaks the law using their product. The bitch is that the "law" is arbitrarily defined by the Corporation (i.e. they can set their threshold to consider 35MPH speeding). Bend over folks. How long before M$ teams up with the RIAA to issue end users fines if they have "illegal" media files on their PC? And don't even get me started on the ethics of tracking and recording my physical movements while in my car.

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