[13:15:09] just this afternoon,

[13:15:09] <***@jabber> just this afternoon, I'm making a presentation of Visio capabilities here at work.
[13:15:46] <***@jabber> I'm talking to a group that includes the VP of Engineering (my boss), the CFO, CTO, Director of State Operations, and about 12 other people.
[13:16:18] <***@jabber> I need to open up a web browser to illustrate some functionality of some documents that I have published on the company's intranet site....
[13:16:57] <***@jabber> so when I open up my browser, it starts to load my home page, which is www.fozbaca.org. I try to stop it by hitting the stop button, but only succeed in stopping it AFTER it loads the background
[13:17:21] <***@jabber> so your FUCKING UGLY web cam shot gets blasted up on a 5x6 screen in front of the whole group.
[13:17:44] <***@jabber> my comment....."pay no attention to the geek up on the screen"
[13:18:51] <***@jabber> so do you think you can get rid of it now?
[13:18:44] and the comments from the peanut gallery?
[13:19:30] <***@jabber> they all just sat there dumbfounded (and probably a little nausiated) with the exception of the engineers, who laughed
[13:19:53] damm i would have loved to be a fly on the wall

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