Smells like Texas "They've eliminated

Smells like Texas
"They've eliminated the middle man. The corporations don't have to lobby the government any more. They ARE the government." Hightower used to complain about Monsanto's lobbying the Secretary of Agriculture. Today, Monsanto executive Ann Venamin IS the Secretary of Agriculture.
Truly disgusting. What a retchid state the US is ataining under Bush. A nation for the corporation, willing to sell to the highest bidder. Sickened that I have payed for these monkeys to ruin the place of my birth they are like a bunch of Ferengi. To all the non Americans out there I'm truely sorry for the crap that the nation of my birth is doing the world. To all you who voted for and support Bush, fuck off, go to hell, eat shit and die, you get the idea.
[via CamWorld]

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