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Re: Where did the fun go?
I'm with fozzy on this one...sort of. I think that it has something to do with the nature of "information overload." Each of us can realistically only have so many major areas of interest, and those of us who have been serious netizens for a long time have by now exhaustively combed the web for tiny bits of trivia and information concerning our major interests. So we're left with our secondary (or tertiary, or....) interests/hobbies to explore, which by definition aren't as interesting (sic. fun) as the stuff we were hungry for. I know that this is the case for me. Every now and then, some new thing will catch my fancy, and I go on a surfing spree until I'm saturated with it. Fun for a short time, but we can't expect to be entertained constantly on a relatively short list of topics.
BUT...I do think that we might be seeing the beginning of the mono-tainment of the net (a la AOL-Time Warner, etc). Face it, the more the net is controlled in terms of access and content by a select few corporations whose primary income is from entertainment dollars, the less they will be willing to allow on THEIR inter-network that will entertain us for free.

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