Microsoft's Prepared Text of Remarks

Microsoft's Prepared Text of Remarks by Craig Mundie, Microsoft Senior Vice President The Commercial Software Model

Should an information-based economy protect the intellectual property assets that are driving its growth?

Which has yet to be proven, intellectual property is driving economic growth. I would assert the opposite, economic growth is happening in spite of intellectual property.

Linus Torvalds: Microsoft's Attack on Open Source

I guess I'm not all that surprised. The basic argument seems to be that it's good for the economy to charge for intellectual property, so open source software cannot be good, while Microsoft is the most far-thinking company around and is doing it all for the good of the public.

Alan Cox: This is How Free Software Works

There are many things I directly agree with him on. That companies need to focus on sustainable business models for example. No doubt Microsoft would like to imply Free Software is not a sustainable business model. I would like to make sure people at least consider the possibility that proprietary software is the non-sustainable model.

Good ones Linus and Alan.

My take on it all, Microsoft is saying wouldn't it be great if we could sell all ideas exclusivesy and Linus and Alan call shanagians.

Sir Isaac Newton

"If I have been able to see further, it was only because I stood on the shoulders of giants".

Great summary of the situation by Doc Searls.

It's not just what Mundie calls an "intellectual commons." It's the world where we all live and work: the world we call civilization. While we're still building it we need to constantly ask the question that used to be Dave's main slogan: Ask not what the Internet can do for you, ask what you can do for the Internet. This isn't even a question for the free software and open source communities. It's a prima facie imperative. But it's the question for Microsoft and every other commercial software developer.

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