Sad news. Michele Noah,

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Sad news. Michele Noah, a former co-worker and friend, died on Friday. Earlier in the week she went to the hospital because a skin cancer that she had a couple of years earlier had recoured. Evidentally it had moved to her kidney and liver. She was 28, just a month younger than myself.

Michele was the HR person who walked me through all the paper work when I was hired at EntekIRD back in July of '98. For a little over 2 years whe was in the cube next to me. She put up with all my inane questions. I remember the when she made it on the Bengals, the Cincinnati Bengals Cheerleader squad. One of the most vibrant and energetic people I have known. One of the few people I missed when getting "downsized" after the Rockwell Automation buyout. My condolence's go out to her husband, family and friends. This is one of those times that I wish to be in the Cincy area for the funeral on Monday. Michele you will be missed.

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just wondering....who are you? michele was my cousin....there's A LOT to her story that no one knows about.

please respond to me if you are serious.

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