Wana win a Playstation 2

Wana win a Playstation 2 from ThinkGeek?


please let me have ps2 cause i never had a console cause i wasnt that rich than other peoples if u let me win ill be happy as i ever was from alex rabba

Every month I enter at least 20 PS2 competitions, so probability should suggest that my entering should be fruitful, but as yet nothing. So this message isnt a plea- its me begging. I'm DESPERATE for a PS2, all my friends have them and I just want social exceptance. So please help a poor girl. I dream about playing Getaway, which I've been told includes my house, or battling my way through Grand Theft Auto "Vice City." Love this site forever if I won, wish there was more space to beg. One last please. PLEEEEAAASSEEE. ok I'm done!!!

i want to win a playstation 2

Hi my names Peter i've always wanted a PS2 from when they first came out, but
fortunately could never afford one so if i won this one i would be ever so happy thank you
for reading this.


can i pleaze have a ps2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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