Introduction to the GConf library

Introduction to the GConf library Abstract
This article introduces the concepts behind the GConf configuration library scheduled to ship with the next major revision of the GNOME development environment. One wouldn't guess it, with such a boring abstract, but GConf is one of those "OH DEAR LORD!!!" kinda of software. Maybe this will get you more excited:
GConf currently has a single backend that stores configuration data in XML-format text files; however, the architecture allows a Registry-like binary database backend, an LDAP backend, or even a full-blown SQL database backend.
Now think about the posiability of having the same desktop settings at work and home. Now you should be excited, engle is:
Yeah, i suggested to the gnome UI list that with that we could integrate EVERYTHING into one tree view list; like a GOOD windows regisrty, that could be remote-administered.
Imagine if you could do all your:
hardware config (as per the supposed Mandrake tool)
application config (as per linux conf and flat files)
apt-getting (as per dselect)
GUI config (as per gnome control center)
system config (as per linuxconf)

ALL from one place?? And with the smae interface, AND possibly remotely via a secure connection??? AND throw it into a database?? AND have the documentation for the configuration RIGHT THERE when configuraing????
Dude, it has a LOT of potential

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