George W. Bush Sucks, ture,

George W. Bush Sucks, ture, true.


Yes George Bush sucks, I am 13 years old and I have gotten into politics because this freak has messed up our country, and decent hard working americans look badly because of him. I hate that man so much, i wish he could just go over to iraq and live and be a soldier for 1 year, i bet he'd pussy out. Hed realize it was the wrong thing, hed pack up our shit and haul ass outta there b4 u can say "man that was a bullshit war"

Well I feel better now that I've gotten that out

Yes Howard Dean sucks. I am 12 years old and I have gotten into politics because Howard Dean is going to mess up our country, and decent hard working Americans wil look bad because of him. I dislike that man so much.

Bush is the best president. You don't realize that if you don't stop terrorism now, you'll never be able to. It is already practically too late. These terrorist groups want to take over the world. They think G-d will praise them if they do this. And they are wrong. They might destory the earth with nuclear weaponds. There is nothing anyone can do about it. It's not a joke... it is reality. And you can face it now. Let's see you go and be president during this time. Let's see you do a better job. You cannot. You are stupid. You are dumb to criticize one who is leading a country well during a hard time. He has accomplished a lot, a lot of good things. What has Dean and all you dumb democrats done? Nothing! What has Clinton done? Cheated on his wife and had an affair with another woman. That's what Clinton has done for our country! He sat on his ass and enjoyed the respect, doing nothing at all for our country. Face it! I have made my point. Republicans > Democrats.

It's the US's policy of war and militarism that created terrorists and gave them millions of supporters, for each one you kill his sons, brothers and friends take his place. For each Saddam you capture there's a million other guys who are not as dumb as him and who actually will try to hurt America. We have to change the way people think, the way they see things and to do this we have to show them the good side of America and make them understand democracy and guide them towards seccular government rather than theocracy and dictatorship.
George Bush sacrificed all these American soldiers' lives in Iraq just as a show of force and an election campaign. What did Saddam have to do with Sep. 11, even Bush and his cronnies havent proved that yet. As long as there are people like Bush there will be people like Bin Laden who build their power and wealth based on a campaign of combatting 'the foreign American Devil' or whatever they refer to him as.

George Dubya IS the world's biggest terrorist...TRY HIM FOR WAR CRIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda.....obviously manipulated by your stupid manipulated parents. The reason George W. even exists is STUPID people that are easily manipulated with a right-wing controlled media. Tell your Dad he's an idiot, please. I suppose you think the United States is the best place on earth? Fool.

Hi, i'm 21, Bush has mad a mockery of the United States. I'm no longer proud to be an american.

Hey.... I'm 15 years old.... George Bush Sucks, send him back to texas where he belongs, his village misses their idiot. He did nothing for the country, he'll never be half the man his father was.


Hello. George Bush is the worst president that the USA has ever had because he won't let gay people marry, he can never make up his mind with supporting religion or not, he caused September 11th, he brings 10s of 1000s of troops to a country that supposedly had weapons of mass destruction and then he announces that the CIA was lying, he hates the muslims, he gives tax breaks to huge businesses so they can take over the world or something while small town businesses have to close because of him, he supported the Patriot Act so now the gov't can basically spy on us, and last but not least, he raised the unemployment rate and if weren't for him, Americans would still have money.

i have somethin to say to you trent. you are a idiot a real idiot i cannot belive you like that criminal in office. i bet the immigrants are sorry they came to america becuase they realized that the land of the free was the land of idiots like you!!!!!

OMG BUSH= TEH WORST PRESIDENT!! HES A PUSSY, AND SHOULD GET BOOTED BAK TO HIS VILLAGE!! trent, u suck, and its you kind of racist people that give our country a bad name. Bush is so stupid, and heres a good 1 of his crappy quotes to prove it: "War is a dangerous place." WHOA!! NEWZ FLASH!! BUSH ACTUALLY SAID SOMETHING TRue.* Yah, anywayz, bush sux, and all you fools who think that bush =cool, and that Clinton sucked.. CLINTON HELPED THE DEBTS THAT THE REPUBLIACANS STARTED, HE GAVE SURPLUS, THEN BUSH CAME ALONG, AND PLUMMETED IT DOWN 2 TEH WORST DEFICETE IN A LONG TIME

*not that it isnt obvious.

New Book by Publisher of Temp Slave

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im back! get the bushism books they are hilarious heres some good quotes, "Im the master of low expectations" and "The state lawyers were potitically powerful... but we took them on and got some good medical - medical malpractice" Hahahahah!!! thats just great.

George Bush sucks. He's a Rebulican for starters, he cheated when he was namanated, he's a fellen, drunky, can';t speak english, is killing our soldiers, and duesn't know how to run a country. My dog can run this country better then he can. And Bush said himself "Damockraciey is getting old, it's time for Bush to rule, now that daddy is out of the throne I think I'll make a dyastey thing."

bahahah! im smater than u! bush rox! he is the best president ever, i mean look what he did in araq sinse u are an idiot, ill let bush kill u bye!

BUSH SENIOR = Scholar, noble airman warrior, CIA director, world leader ~ not perfect but OK
BUSH JUNIOR = x-coke head drunk frat boy with too much money and megalomania

"im smater" doood, hi man, u are really really retarded.
leet speak from now on
bu5h 15 r34lly r34lly 4 cr4ppy d00d. 1f 1 w4s n33r h1m, 1 w0uld s4y, "Bu5h, u 4r3 4 r34lly cr4ppy guy!"

Hey Im 14 yrs old and think Bush is an incompetent, pompous old windbag of a president. He caused our good foreign relations to disappear into thin air, unemployment rates are up,.... you get the point. I think that all that crack he did caused him to be like this. Stupid man can't even talk propersly, being unable to pronounce "nuclear" correctly.

Im 23 and Im in university. George bush is so racist and he hates all muslims. He is like Hitlor to the Jews. He represents every bully, money greedy, narrowminded person out there. Im not american, im canadian, and over here, we wonder what kind of DUMB ASS people you have in your country to vote for a total moran like him. Im sorry but we make fun of american all the time .. you know you're all called idiots.. and i know youre not, your president is a moran. Talk toyou your parents if you cant vote, and ifyou can please vote Kerry into power. Tell everyone you know to do the same. Bush would kill all muslims if he could. True there are some bad muslims.. but there are also some really really bad americans. Who dropped the Hiroshima bomb? Terrists. Who invaded Vietnam? Terrorists. Who agreed with Sharon's plan re: the gaza strip: the biggest terrorist ever.
I cant wait for Micheal Moore's movie 'fareinheit 911' to come out. Its gonna kick bush's ass.

Everybody remember to register to vote and please, please, please vote for Kerry!! we must not let W. cheat his way in again.

oh hey its me again.. if you may have noticed, almost everything is messed up.. all the names are rong, and somehow i bet its gonna call me pixiegrl1245 for some reason but im [b]Shadow warrior[/b] soo yea remember, dont be stupid, vote for kerry and have a great summer :D

Do you realy beleave we are fighting "terrorism"? First of all, you can delclare a war on a noun, but anyway, we are not fighting terrorism, because, everytime you kill someone, it spawns anti-american sentiment. if your dad was killed, its human nature to want revenge. when, in afganistan we "axidently" killed over 3000 INOCCENT civilions, who had no intent to bomb the US. now people have a motivatin... we, the USA, have killed thier parents, children or friends. Iraq is even WORSE!!! they had NO TERRORIST connections! just ask the 9/11 commision (and you cant say they're bias against bush... HE hand picked them) but we still went in on lies and killed and tourtured manny of them. how do you think that makes them think about america?????
and you said: "They might destory the earth with nuclear weaponds" That is compleatly untrue, because they HAVE NO NEWCLEAR WEPONS.
also, dean hasent done much for america because, and this might be hard for you to understand, he is not the president. and i dont like clinton ether, although i think his sexual life is his own bissness. and although clinton was just ok look what GWB has done: he has made anti american sentiment go through the roof. you cant deny that! Face it! I've Made My Point: Green > Dem. > Rep.

America, let's not waste away the next four years also. The status qou is simply not working for our country. So please, let's make George W. Bush the first and only United States President to never ever have won a Presidential election!!!

Oh yeah I forgot something. Sean or Amanda...Whoever it was that sent the message and like the piece of s h i t also known as George W. Bush. You are DUMB, very very DUMB, I will second everythingsux's comment. And second of all, you are 12, what the hell do you know other than mimicing your parent, who must also be very very DUMB. I am 20, and I still wouldn't say I know all that much in life yet, except you're very very DUMB. And on that note, i'm signing off!!!

George W. Bush is an idiot. Watch Farhenheit 9/11. He is an evil, lying, greedy, racist motherf***** and a hypocrite. I can't say I would feel anything, but scared for my own life if someone blew his brains out in front of me.

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