Adult ADD Test : Do

Adult ADD Test : Do You Have ADD? Take Our Online Attention Deficit Disorder Test


no....just want to take the test

Would like to take the test.

I wold like to take the because I was told as a child and teenager that I had it and was on rittaline but I couldn't rememberto take them and have a hard time focusing today in life and if there's help ouy there I would like some.

Just want to take the test

After the test, I want to see if there is treatment besides drugs.

I was never told as a child that I had ADD. But I know that there is something wrong with me. I remember my mother taking me to be tested for something but I don't know what it was. Could of been a IQ test. Didn't do well in school. When I was in school I don't think that ADD was known.

I have trouble concentrating on a regular basis.

hello i just wanted to know more

Would like to take the test because my son and my grandson has been diginosed with ADHD

Would like to take the adult ADD test

no, just want to take the test

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